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Religion: Taoism, Confucianism, Buddhism

History and Culture




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Citation Assistance

Asian Citation Guide WIki by the University of British Columbia

This citation guide for Asian language sources was developed by the University of British Columbia and contains PDFs with citation instructions for APA, MLA, and Chicago styles.

Chinese Language Texts

Chinese Text Project

The Chinese Text Project is an open-source digital llibrary containing over 30 000 pre-modern Chinese texts.

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is a digital library and archive with over 60 000 documents and ebooks. This link will take you to the Chinese language selection. 

Practice Materials

This video offers practice conversations for beginner Mandarin students. There are a series of videos to help with listening and speaking practice as you progress. 

This video series features simple stories told in Mandarin. You can turn the English subtitles on or off to practice comprehension and listening skills. There are multiple videos in this series.

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Bibliography of Western Language Publications on Chinese Popular Religion (1995 to present) 

Compiled by Dr. Philip Clart of the University of Leipzig, this bibliogrpahy covers citations for English language publications from 2002 to present on the topic of Chinese Popular Religion. The contents are organized by both year of publication and subject.


The Golden Elixer

A digial resource by Cambridge University, The Golden Elixer contains information on alchemy and Taoism.


Chinese Philosophical Etext Archive by Wesleyan University

This archive contains Confucian, Confucian-inspired and other philosophical texts from China starting in the 11th century. 


Daizokyo Text Database

This resource provides English Translations of Buddhist Texts

Buddhism Reasearch Guide by the University at Buffalo 

This research guide includes extensive resources about the many forms of Buddhism.

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History and Culture

Bibliography of Asian Studies

Bibliography of Asian Studies (BAS) is the most comprehensive Western-language bibliographical database for research on East, Southeast and South Asia. Published by the Association for Asian Studies, it covers all subjects with special focus on the humanities and social sciences.

Endangered Archives Project 

"The Endangered Archives Programme primarily funds digitisation projects to record and preserve the content of archives. Our projects create digital material in a format that facilitates long-term preservation, and at least two copies of these are stored: a primary copy that remains at an appropriate repository in the country of origin, and a secondary copy held at the British Library." This link will take you directly to the Chinese Collection.

International Dunhuang Project - Silk Road Online

"IDP is a ground-breaking international collaboration to make information and images of all manuscripts, paintings, textiles and artefacts from Dunhuang and archaeological sites of the Eastern Silk Road freely available on the Internet and to encourage their use through educational and research programmes."

Chinese Text Project

"The Chinese Text Project is an online open-access digital library that makes pre-modern Chinese texts available to readers and researchers all around the world."


External Research Guides

Princeton University - Classical Historiography for Chinese History 

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