3D Printing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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How do I get a model 3D printed at the Library?

You will need to fill out the 3D Print form which can be found at https://library.upei.ca/3dprint/form. After a print is submitted, staff will review and the intial startup process will begin. You will be emailed about the cost estimate for your print job and you must respond to this email before a print can be started. Please see the Library's 3D Printing Policy for more details. 

How long does it take?

A time frame is based on the model size and selected print settings; a typical model can take 1-4+ hours on the Library's 3D printer. If you are trying to get something printed for an assignment or for a specific date, it is good to start as early as possible and leave staff extra time when requesting a print. 

How do I create my own 3D model? 

Currently, the Library is not able to assist users in creating their own 3D models. However, if you would like to try learning on your own there are lots of free online tutorials, videos, and software options available. Here is a list of 3D modelling resources. Your personal models will still need to be requested for print through the 3D Print form

Can I tell how much my object will cost before I print it? 

We cannot give a precise amount but we will send an estimate using FlashPrint software in the initial start email. Final weight and price will be calculated and sent by email from Library Staff. 

Can I schedule my print pickup for a certain date or time? 

No, currently the 3D printer is a first come first served basis. Scheduling will depend on demand, staff availability, and your response to our email.

Why do I have to pay for failed print jobs?

You may be asked to pay for failed prints that are related to model issues. Paying for failed prints allows the Library to have enough funds to maintain the equipment and re-order the supplies used to print. 

Can I bring in my own filament? 

No, the only filament provided by the Library may be used in the printer.

If you have suggestions for different colours, materials, or brands other than what is available please email 3dlibrary@upei.ca

Can I print in more than one colour at a time?

No, at the moment, the Library only offers single colour printing.

I am a faculty member; can I use the 3D printer for a class or assignment?

Please contact Keltie MacPhail at kmacphail@upei.ca or (902) 566-0479 for information. 

I have a question that is not on this list...

You can email questions to 3dlibrary@upei.ca. You can also contact the Service Desk in person or at (902) 566-0583.