3D Print Form

Use this form to submit a 3D print job... to find out how to download or create models for printing, click here.

Tell us the percentage of infill you wish your model to have. Not sure what infill is, read more information here. If nothing is selected, the default is %15.
Due to size restrictions on the printer, files submitted may be separated into multiple print jobs.
If you choose option 'I don't care', whatever colour is in the printer at the time will be used for your print job. Click here to see colour swatches. Also, we may only have enough of a certain colour filament for a small to medium print job; if there is not enough for your print, you will be emailed.
Maximum print size is 22.5cm x 14.5cm x 15cm
If you selected yes, photos of your model may be posted to the Library's Social Media.
.zip files may only contain: .stl, .obj, .zip
Files must be less than 70 MB.
Allowed file types: zip stl obj 3mf.
If there is anything else we need to know, please leave it in the comments.