3D Printing Policy

Robertson Library 3D Printing Policy April 2021

Acceptable Use

  • The Robertson Library reserves the right to refuse any print job that conflicts with relevant law and/or university policy.
  • The Library’s 3D printer is not intended for commercial manufacturing.
  • Users are not permitted to create material that is in violation of another’s intellectual property rights. For example, the printer will not be used to reproduce material subject to copyright, patent, or trademark protection.*

Accessing Printer Services

  • All printing and file set up will be performed by trained library staff. UPEI students, staff, faculty, are welcome to submit print jobs by the following steps: We are no longer serving the general public, you can request 3D prints from the PEI Public Library.
  1. Fill out the 3D Print Request Form at https://library.upei.ca/3dprint/form and upload your file (only file formats listed on the form will be accepted). ***We will not be accepting print jobs longer than 6 hours.
  2. Check your email account for an email from Library with an estimate of print cost (can take between 1-3 days).
  3. Respond to staff’s email accepting estimated print cost (if there are issues, please inform staff at this point).
  4. Your print will be scheduled into the print queue, you will receive an email informing you when your print is ready for pick up. Please note, we cannot provide pick up times in advance.
  5. Pick up and pay for your print at the Library Service Desk. Cash or UPEI campus card only, see below for Payment for Prints.
  • All print jobs must be submitted through the online form and only file types specified in the form will be accepted. The form is available at https://library.upei.ca/3dprint/form
  • Print jobs will not be scheduled into the print queue and/or started until acceptance of printing cost estimate is received via email from the patron.
  • The Library cannot guarantee a completion date for any prints. Any time frames given should be considered estimates and may change due to the Library’s hours, demand, and unexpected technical problems. You will be notified by email if issues occur that will significantly delay your print.
  • The Library staff member working on your print job may contact you with questions or issues if they arise so be sure to check your email regularly.
  • Patrons may submit multiple files (in a .zip) if the settings are all the same. If possible, staff will print all submitted files at the same time; if not, you will be charged the $4 base fee plus $0.10 gram of each job.
  • Currently, the Library will only accept single colour print jobs

Payment for Prints 

  • The cost for printing is a $4.00 base fee + $0.10 per gram for weight, (final weight includes all rafts, supports, etc.). 
  • Payment is due when the print is picked up from the Library Service Desk, printed items are not permitted to leave the desk until payment is received.
  • Payment is cash only or with a valid UPEI ID card. 
  • Prints must be picked up by the requestor only. If you fail to pick up and pay for a print 2 separate times, a warning email will be sent and you may no longer be allowed to print.
  • Prints which have failed or are of low quality due to faulty design must be paid for by the patron (prints which fail because of a staff or mechanical error do not). 

Print Quality

  • The Library cannot guarantee and is not responsible for the quality or performance of printed objects. This includes but is not limited to: low quality or failed prints caused by object design, printed objects which break during use, printed objects with interlocking parts that do not fit, etc.
  • Keep in mind that 3D printed objects are not perfect. Prints will not be completely smooth and there may be minor imperfections in the print surface.

Support from Library Staff 

  • The Library does not assist with the creation or repair of 3D models.
  • If your object includes any raft or support material, you are responsible for removing them.


  • Participation in this 3D Printing program will result in the collection, use, and disclosure of some personal information about patrons by the University of Prince Edward Island. This information is collected, used, and disclosed for the purpose of administering the 3D Printing program.
  • Patrons consent to the University of Prince Edward Island collecting, using, and disclosing information about themselves for the purpose of administering the 3D Printing program.
  • For any questions about the collection, disclosure or use of personal information, contact the Chief Access to Information and Privacy Officer at the University (902-894-2840).

Further Information