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Analytical Sourcebook of Concepts in Dramatic Theory
Under 73 "categories" of dramatic theory (e.g., action, catharsis, unity, plot, tragedy) brief excerpts from the writings of some 33 theorists of drama from Aristotle to Brecht are arranged in chronological order. Hundreds of additional concepts are traceable through a terms and topics index. Brief biographies, bibliographies, and index to quotations for all authors cited.
REF: PN1631.B75 1981

Cambridge Guide to American Theatre (Wilmeth)
“This new and updated encyclopedic Guide, with over 2,700 cross-referenced entries covers all aspects of the American theatre from its earliest history to the present. Entries include people, venues, and companies, scattered throughout the United States, plays and musicals, and theatrical phenomena. Additionally, there are some 100 topical entries covering theatre in major U.S. cities and such disparate subjects as Asian American theatre, Chicano theatre, censorship, Filiipino American theatre, one-person performances, performance art, and puppetry. Also includes a Bibliography of Select Books since 1995 on the American Theatre, and a Biographical Index.
REF:  PN2221.C37 2007

Cambridge Guide to Theatre (Banham) 
This is an international dictionary of theatre from classical to contemporary with an emphasis on performance, popular entertainment, and traditions outside Europe and North America. The entries are signed and cover traditions, theories, acting companies, playwrights, performers, designers, directors, movements, folk drama, types of performance, television and radio drama, playhouses, and the theatrical aspects of ballet and opera. Entries on national traditions and general topics include a bibliography. This title can be borrowed from the Stacks.

Cambridge Guide to World Theatre
“This is a comprehensive guide to theatre with emphases on international theatre and on performance in its widest sense. The entries are arranged alphabetically and provide factual information on important traditions, theories, companies, playwrights, practitioners, venues and events, with over 250 informative illustrations keyed into the text. The Guide is a rich source of information for students, professionals, theatregoers and the general reader, and also acts as a stimulus to further exploration of areas of world theatre unduly neglected in many contemporary works of reference.
The reader will find an entry on any country with a significant theatrical past or present, from Africa, Asia, the Americas and Europe, and is able to pursue a chain of references from the major to the minor entries on a given topic.” (Publisher)
STACKS: PN2035.C27 1988 

Concise Oxford Companion to the Theatre (Hartnoll) (2nd ed.)
“This concise version of the acclaimed Oxford Companion to the Theatre covers all aspects of theatre worldwide and throughout the ages. It contains entries on a vast range of theatrical styles, dramatists, performers, and directors, as well as information on theatres, festivals, and such technical topics as lighting, sound, and method acting. “(Publisher).  This title is available as an ebook to the UPEI community.

Continuum Companion to Twentieth Century Theatre (Chambers) (Online)
Arranged alphabetically and written by 280 contributors from 20 countries, it contains over 2,500 entries, which are international in scope but with a particular emphasis on English-speaking theater.  Coverage includes individuals--performers, playwrights, directors, designers, choreographers, composers--theater companies, countries, trends and genres.   Entries range from practical topics such as directing, acting, design, lighting, sound and voice to historical surveys on a host of subjects from women in theater and black theater to gay and lesbian theater; from pantomime, photography, experimental theater and theater-in-the-round to architecture, funding, drag and circus; from surrealism and Dada to musical theater, performance art and theater on the Internet.

Critical Survey of Drama (Rollyson) - v. 1-8; 2nd rev. ed., 2003
"This eight-volume set contains 613 essays, of which 548 discuss individual dramatists and 65 cover overview topics. The set also contains lists of major dramatic awards, a detailed time line of world drama history, a glossary of dramatic terms and movements, and a bibliography."
REF: PN1625.C68 2003

Facts on File Companion to Classical Drama
This covers ancient Greek and Roman drama from the 500s B.C.E. through 100 C.E. Approximately 400 alphabetical entries, ranging in length from one sentence to several pages, delve into plays, authors, characters, settings, genres, themes, theatrical terms, historical events, etc. Appendixes include a chronology plus lists of all surviving and fragmentary plays; there is a detailed bibliography as well as bibliographical references within entries. It is useful tool for students reading and researching ancient plays. It is thorough, and nothing similar is in print.
REF:  PA3024.T48 2005

Proquest Academic Videos Online (AVON) - Web-based digital video delivery service that allows you to view streaming videos anytime, anywhere, 24/7! Choose from thousands of high-quality educational titles in dozens of subject areas.

Ottemiller's Index to Plays in Collections: An Author and Title Index to Plays Appearing in Collections Published SInce 1900 - 8th ed., rev & enl., 2011
REF: PN1655.O87 2011

Oxford Companion to American Theatre  (Bordman) (Online)
The emphasis in this book is on Broadway theatre through early 2003. The alphabetically arranged entries include playwrights, plays, musicals, actors, actresses, producers, directors, songwriters, famous playhouses, and dramatic movements. Coverage includes classics and commercially successful plays. This 3rd edition provides coverage outside New York City to include regional theatrical companies and historic theater buildings.

Oxford Companion to Canadian Theatre
The Oxford Companion to Canadian Theatre documents the growth and development of Canadian drama and theater in English and French, from its beginnings through 1988. The 703 signed entries provide information on genres, theatres and theatre companies, theatres in each of the provinces; major plays, biographies and criticism of actors, playwrights, directors, and designers, and numerous miscellaneous subjects such as collective theater, design, directing, ethnic theater, musical theater, radio and television drama, and local theater.
REF: PN2301.O93 1989

Oxford Companion to the Theatre (4th ed.)
This Companion emphasizes established legitimate theatre, from classical to contemporary. Alphabetically arranged, it includes entries are on actors, actresses, producers, directors, designers, dramatists, groups, movements, theatrical techniques and technology, theaters, acting companies, and national drama. Longer entries are usually signed. It also includes a highly selective bibliography.
STACKS: PN2035.O9 1983

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