Textbook Access Project

[Note: this project is ongoing.]

The Textbook Access Project is a pilot project by Robertson Library to reduce students' costs for required texts by highlighting books (print and electronic) that the Library has available that are required for specific courses.

For books not available through this project, see also Used Textbooks - Where can I get them?

The print books in this project are held on Reserve for 3-day in-library use only at the Library Service Desk.

The ebooks may have unlimited or single simultaneous licenses. Usually the limited licenses expire within 30 minutes after the previous user closes the book from their browser.

NOTE: The Library copies may not be the same edition as required by your professor. Check the edition and ask your professor if older editions are acceptable in that course.

To find if your course textbook is available for free, look in these course listings by Faculty:

Faculty of Arts courses

Faculty of Business courses

Faculty of Education courses

Faculty of Nursing courses

Faculty of Science courses

Faculty of Sustainable Design Engineering courses