Faculty of Business Library Textbooks

These textbooks are provided from the Library's Collection and may be older editions. The print textbooks are placed on Reserve for 2 hours and are located near the Service Desk. Ebooks may also be available, with links provided.

NOTE: The Library's edition may not be the same edition as required by your professor. Check the edition and ask your professor if older editions are acceptable in that course.

This list is being continually updated. If your syllabus contradicts this list, trust your syllabus.

List of Reserve Material: 

ACCT-1010: Introductory Accounting, Adams, Burrows, O'Connell

Text: Financial Accounting (with AccountingLab software code), Harrison et al. (6th Canadian ed., 2018)
Library does not have a copy

ACCT-2210: Managerial Accounting, B. Waterman, K. Barnes

Text: Managerial Accounting, Braun et al. (3rd Canadian, 2018 (Pearson))
Library does not have a copy

ACCT-3010: Intermediate Accounting I, C. Burrows

Text: Intermediate Accounting, Vols 1 & 2, Beechy et al. (7th ed., 2019)
Library does not have a copy

ACCT-4010: Advanced Financial Accounting I, B. Waterman

Text: Advanced Financial Accounting, Beechy et al. (7th, 2014 (Pearson))
Library does not have a copy

ACCT-4150: Auditing, R. Adams

Auditing: The Art and Science of Assurance Engagements , 14th Canadian ed. Arens et al. Pearson 2019 (will also need AccountingLab that comes with purchase)
Library does not have a copy.

BUS-1410: Marketing, C. Deng, S. Graham

Text: Marketing: an introduction by Gary Armstrong (6th edition) (5th ed. also acceptable)
Library has: print: HF5415.M33 1992 (2nd ed)

BUS-1710 : Organizational Behaviour, L. Montigny, X. Chen, G. Carragher

Montigny and Carragher Text: Canadian Organizational Behaviour by Steven L. McShane (10th ed. 2018) (Carragher requires 9th, 2015)
Library has: print: HD58.7.M4 1995 (2nd ed.), HD58.7.M377 1992 (1st ed.)

Chen: Text: Organizational Behaviour: Concepts, controversies, applications, Langton et al. (8th Canadian ed., 2019 (Pearson))
Library does not have a copy

BUS-2120: Business Presentations and Communications, D. Wickstrom, J. Cameron

Text: (optional, not required) Resonate, Duarte ( ed., 2010 (Wiley))
Library has: ebook: , 2010 ed. Proquest

Text: (optional, not required) Slide:ology: The art and science of creating great presentations, ( ed., 2008)
Library has: ebook: 1st, 2008 ed. Proquest

BUS-2310: Corporate Finance, S. Kolahgar

Text: Fundamentals of Corporate Finance, Ross et al. (9th Canadian ed., 2016)
Library does not have a copy

BUS-2410: Management Information Systems, B. Murray

Text: Experiencing MIS by Kroenke et al. 5th ed. Pearson
Library does not have a copy.

BUS-2510: Introduction to Management Science, D. Good, G. Evans, G. Mason

Text: Basic Statistics for Business & Economics by Douglas A. Lind, 6th Canadian ed. McGraw-Hill Ryerson.
Library has: print: HA29.L76 2015 (5th ed.)

BUS-2540: Canadian Business Culture, H. Rossiter

Text: [no textbook, all readings provided in Moodle]

BUS-2650: Introduction to Entrepreneurship, A. Ramsay

Text: (Optional, not Required) Entrepreneurship, Bygrave et al. (Canadian, 2015 (Wiley))
Library has: ebook: 2011, 2nd [not Canadian] ed. Safari

BUS-2720: Human Resources Management, W. Francis

Text: Human Resources Management in Canada, Dessler & Chhinzer (14th Canadian ed., )
Library does not have a copy

BUS-2880: Research and Evidence-Base Management, L. Yao, T. Saksida, B. Jelley

Text: Research Methods for Business : A Skill Building Approach by Uma Sekaran and Roger Bougie (7th edition, 2016)
Library has: print:HD30.4.S435 2016 (7th ed.), HD30.4.S435 2000 (3rd ed.)

BUS-3010: Overview: An introduction to the Law of Contract, Tort Law, Business Organizations and Interests in Land, S. Dickieson

Text: Canadian Contemporary Business Law, John A Willes/John H. Willes (11th ed., )
Library does not have a copy

BUS-3330: Integrated Cases in Corporate Finance, S. Kolahgar

Text: Case Studies in Finance, Bruner et al. (8th ed., )
Library does not have a copy

Text: Fundamentals of Corporate Finance, Ross et al. (9th Canadian ed., 2016)
Library does not have a copy

BUS-3340: Personal Finance, A. Carrothers

Text: (optional, not required) Personal Finance, Madura & Gill (4th Canadian ed., )
Library does not have a copy

BUS-3430: Integrated Cases in Marketing, S. Graham

Text: [no textbook, all readings provided in Moodle], ( ed., )
Library does not have a copy

BUS-3510: Operations Management, G. Evans

Text: Operations Managementby Russell & Taylor (7th edition or later) or Canadian edition (Russell, Taylor, Castillo, Vidyarthi
Library has: ebook: 2011, 7th ed.

BUS-3660: Entrepreneurial Finance, A. Carrothers

Text: Fundamentals of Corporate Finance, Ross et al. (9th Canadian ed., 2016)
Library has: ebook: 2nd (not Canadian), 2011 ed. Safari

BUS-3710: Entrepreneurship and New Ventures, M. Pauley

Text: New Venture Creation, Paul Burns (2nd ed., 2018)
Library does not have a copy

BUS-3910: Strategic Management, G. Evans

all required texts provided free via Moodle

BUS-3910: Strategic Management, Wagner

Text: Mastering Strategic Management Edwards et al. 2014 1st Canadian ed.
Text is free online

Text: Case Package: Cases for Business 3910-2 (Fall 2019) Must be purchased from publisher, see course Moodle.

BUS-4320: Applied Investment Management, Y. Hashmi

Text: Options Made Easy, Guy Cohen ( ed., )
Library has: ebook: 3rd, 2013 ed. Safari

Text: Trading Commodities and Financial Futures, Kleinman ( ed., )
Library has: ebook: 4th, 2013 ed. Safari

Text: How to Make Money in Stocks, William O'Neil ( ed., )
Library has: ebook: 4th, 2009 ed. Safari

BUS-4460: Personal Selling & Sales, S. Graham

Text: How to Win Friends and Influence People, Carnegie ( ed., )
Library has: print: BF637.S8C37 1952 ( ed.)

Text: Getting to Yes, Fisher & Ury ( ed., )
Library has: print: BF637.N4F57 1991 (2nd ed.)

BUS-4540: Tourism Management, M. James

Title:The Business of Hospitality and Travel, Cook et al. (6th, )
Library does not have a copy.

BUS-4810: Integrated Marketing Communications, M. James

No purchase - all required readings provided in Moodle

BUS-4850: Developing Management Skills, G. Evans

Text: Developing Management Skillsby  Whetton and Cameron, 9th ed. Pearson. 2014 (ok to use 6th, 7th or 8th)
Library has: print: 1998, 4th ed.

BUS-4950: Business Research, T Carroll

(optional, not required)

Text: A Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK),, International Institute of Business Analysis, (2009 ed., )
Library has: print: HD69.B87B33 2015 (3rd ed.)

BUS-6510: Global Leadership, R. Jelley

Text: The science of leadership: lessons from research for organizational leaders by Julian Barling (2014)
Library has: print: HD57.7.B36637 2014
Library has: ebook: 2014 ed. Oxford Scholarship Online

BUS-6560-1: International Marketing Management, T. Mady

Text: International Marketing by Philip R. Cateora (17th edition, 2015)
Library has: print: HF1009.5.C35 1990 (7th ed.)