I do not know how to save and organize my research

As you research, you will find articles, books, and other sources that look useful for your paper. 

It is important that you have a way of keeping track of sources that you think you might use in your paper. There is nothing worse than knowing you found the perfect article or book and not being able to remember the title or where you found it. 

Here are a few tips that can help you organize and save your research: 

  • Use something as simple as keeping a folder on Google Drive or your computer as a separate place to keep downloaded pdfs.
    • Keep a list of titles, and authors to make sure you can find sources again if you don't/can't download them
  • Remember to write down the author, page number or any other information you need to be able to find that passage again as needed.

Often you will need to go back and search for sources multiple times in the process of writing a paper. This is because you will find that you are missing a large part of your topic that you learned about while researching, or see that you have more questions about your topic after reading the sources you have. Sometimes you might even change your topic after researching because you find a different/more interesting topic.