Modern Languages: Finding Books

If you are looking for a language or bilingual dictionary you may want to use one of the dictionaries available from Oxford Reference Online

Use the library catalogue to find books, microforms, or audiovisual materials about your subject. Selected electronic resources are also included in the Catalogue.


The catalogue also allows you to limit your search based on the language of the work. You need to select the Advanced Search option.

Limit Search by Language


To find materials on a particular topic, begin with a keyword search by selecting the Keyword/Advanced Search from the toolbar of the Library Catalogue. Enter your search terms. Scan the results for relevant titles and look at the subject headings assigned to the individual titles. These subject links can then be used to search for similar items.

Some examples of subject headings:

Also, personal names can be subject headings, such as:

or for a particular topic, such as:

For help in deciding on subject headings to check, consult the Library of Congress Subject Headings, which can be found in the Reference area.

Books (with the exception of those in Reference and Special Collections) are shelved by Library of Congress call number on the Upper Level.

  • D - History (General)
    • DC1-947 History of France
    • DD1-(905) History of Germany
    • DP1-402 History of Spain
    • DG11-999 History of Italy
    • DS1-937 History of Asia
  • PC - Romanic languages
    • PC1001-1977 Italian
    • PC2001-3761 French
    • PC4001-4977 Spanish
  • PF - West Germanic languages
    • PF3001-5999 German
  • PG - Slavic languages and literatures. Baltic languages. Albanian language
  • PJ - Oriental languages and literatures
  • PK - Indo-Iranian languages and literatures
  • PL - Languages and literatures of Eastern Asia, Africa, Oceania
  • PQ - French literature - Italian literature - Spanish literature
    • PQ1-3999 French literature
    • PQ4001-5999 Italian literature
    • PQ6001-8929 Spanish literature
  • PT - German literature
    • PT1-4897 German literature

Microforms (microfilm and microfiche) are shelved in the Special Collections area on the Main Level. Audiovisual materials (videocassettes, audiocassettes, LPs, and CDs) are shelved in the Media Centre on the Main Level.

Created by: Donald Moses, MLIS
Library Liaison for Modern Languages
Date Revised: August, 2010