Kindles - Information

What is a Kindle?

The Amazon Kindle is a portable e-book reader. It uses "e-ink" instead of backlighting to provide a reading experience that feels a lot like reading a paper book instead of a computer screen.  For more information about the Kindle, see Amazon's Kindle sales page (scroll past the shipping info for more details).

What can I read on it?

The Library has loaded many books, primarily Canadian award-winners, on its Kindles.  

While it's technically possible for you to add more books using your own Amazon account, it is not recommended and the Library isn't responsible for any charges to your account that result.

Suggest a title - tell us what book you'd like on it

How do I borrow one?

The Library has 3 Kindles available for checkout.  Check circulation status of Kindles.

Kindles checkout for a 21 day period with no renewals. They are kept on general reserve at the Service Desk. If you borrow one, we'd appreciate you filling out our survey of your experience. This will help us decide whether to buy more.

What happens if the Kindle gets damaged or broken while I have it out on loan?

You are responsible for returning the Kindle as you received it. If it is damaged or broken, you will be responsible for the replacement cost of the unit.

How do I use a Kindle?

There is a great quick start guide available here.