Collection Development Policy

The collections of Robertson Library are a reflection of the size, complexity, and diversity of the University of Prince Edward Island and support the University's mission and the teaching and research of the Faculties and Schools of UPEI, including the Atlantic Veterinary College.

The Library serves the University’s commitment to the greater Atlantic academic community as the primary comprehensive collection in island studies and veterinary medicine. The Library also works to acquire all publications -- along with selected manuscripts, ephemera, sound and video recordings, etc. -- related to Prince Edward Island and to the University itself [see: University Archives and Special Collections Policy]. 

How are decisions made?

The Library's goal is to build relevant, lasting collections and provide timely access to information resources for the University community. The following factors inform our evidence-based decision-making:

  • past usage and/or anticipated demand
  • cost 
  • long term maintenance/support requirements and/or space limitations
  • scholarly rigour
  • uniqueness of our collection in that subject or discipline
  • usability and/or accessibility of format
  • language
  • geographical perspective
  • cultural currency and broader social impact, especially within Canada
  • accreditation requirements

Within these parameters, the Library is also mindful of values fundamental to the University, including sustainability, equity, and accessibility. The Library operates under the philosophy of academic freedom as articulated in the Canadian Association of University Teachers’ (CAUT) Policy Statement on Academic Freedom.

The Library strives to balance the responsibility of serving the academic community while also acknowledging its position as the sole academic research library in PEI. The Library is, therefore, committed to work in cooperation with other PEI libraries, archives, and memory institutions to help serve the information needs of the province at large. 

The Library participates in consortial agreements to maximize the quality and scope of the collections of online articles, books, and other materials available to our community. The Library also supports initiatives that increase the awareness, use, and collection of open access resources as they align with the library profession’s long-standing principle of equitable access to scholarly information.

For further information about this policy, please contact: Donald Moses, University Librarian,
Adopted: March 2018



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