Z39.50 Access to the Library Catalogue

The Library Catalogue runs a z39.50 server for other software systems (including EBSCO, RefWorks, and Relais) to use to search and retrieve data from us.

Here is the configuration information:

host = islandpines.roblib.upei.ca
port = 2210
database = islandpines
Format = MARC21
4 = title keyword index
7 = ISBN
8 = ISSN

12 = unique record id# (what Evergreen calls the "bib id", not comparable to OCLC#)
21= subject keyword index
1003 = author keyword index
1018 = publisher keyword index
1016 = general keyword index

For general information regarding what Z39.50 is, see the Z39.50 Maintenance Agency Page

For further technical information about our particular configuration, or to report problems with the Z39.50 server, contact Courtney Matthews


Last updated: March, 2022

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