VRE & Islandora: Values Mojo

Islandora is an open source project designed to create a robust digital repository ecosystem that builds on the best of the open source community. The Virtual Research Environment (VRE) is UPEI's instantiation of the Islandora framework, and is designed to reflect the specific needs of the UPEI community (as well as being a test bed for the development of Islandora). The following describes the values that guide us as we continue to grow:

Commitment to Stakeholder Values and Needs

We are committed to addressing all stakeholder values and needs at multiple levels - from the bottom to the top, and the back end to the front end. This means that through stages of development, hosting, interface design, testing, content creation, and the process of continual refinement of VRE tools, we remain stakeholder-driven and user-oriented in all that we do.

Agile Planning and Strategy

We recognize the increasing fluidity and complexity of the environment in which information technologies develop, and organizations operate. To remain agile in this environment, we are committed to effective resource management, defining best practices for how and when to upgrade software, and to seeing a problem and fixing it. Moreover, we are committed to revising these approaches as often as required given the evolution of our context.

Building and Demonstrating Credibility

We build credibility by having a transparent software development process, by encouraging participation and direct input from the community and stakeholders, and by meeting milestones and commitments. We demonstrate our credibility by sharing our software, our documentation, our expertise and by communicating the development of Islandora through a variety of venues (eg. conferences, publications and postings, the Islandora website, etc.).

Culture of Excellence and Risk

We take personal ownership over the tasks we complete, and pride ourselves on our versatility, risk taking, and special attention to those niches where we can address challenges and push beyond expectations. We meet deadlines in a flexible, high-traffic workplace and economy.

Knowledge Sharing

We support our colleagues and clients, and communicate effectively internally and externally. Externally, this means effective training and high quality, up-to-date documentation, particularly to support the project's open source commitment. Internally, this means that we are committed to continual learning, and helping the team effort. This also means we take advantage of the perspective that fresh eyes can bring to an issue.


We look at things holistically- this means balance and perspective in all areas of life, including personal, family and professional needs. We are committed to helping people get to do what they love, and achieve personal, as well as professional goals.