Research Data Management Resources  - a suite of services for UPEI researchers that includes: a data management planning tool to create a data management plan for a project;  a locally hosted storage service to share research files with colleagues;  a publishing framework to publish and assign a doi to a dataset to be made public; and a preservation/archiving function to steward research data for as long as is necessary.

DMP Assistant - a bilingual tool for preparing data management plans, developed by the Canadian Association of Research Libraries Portage Project

MANTRA Research Data Management Planning -  MANTRA " is a free, online non-assessed course with guidelines to help you understand and reflect on how to manage the digital data you collect throughout your research. It has been crafted for the use of post-graduate students, early career researchers, and also information professionals. It is freely available on the web for anyone to explore on their own." 

ICPSR Guide to Social Science Data Preparation and Archiving

UK Data Archive: Managing and Sharing Data

Research Data: Unseen Opportunities - Canadian Association of Research Libraries 2009 (Awareness toolkit)

Research Funders' Open Access Policies - Juliet
Includes publications policies and data archiving policies by various research funders.


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