VRE Service Agreement

We Promise/You Promise

UPEI's VRE program provides and supports faculty members with cutting edge research environments. The following responsibilties of both parties are recognized:

  • Requests for features that exceed those considered standard for a VRE will be handled on a case-by-case basis, and may require funding to support the salary hours and equipment used to handle the request. These requests will be managed alongside the current VRE workload.
  • Requests for support and bug reporting is handled through our Project Management System. Once you have a VRE in the system, you will be provided with an account on this system, and expected to make all requests for support through this system. This help us manage priorities and workflow from our end. Requests will be managed alongside current priorities and workload for the VRE service.
  • In using the VRE service, you take full responsibility for creating, uploading, and managing your data and users.  If you do not use your VRE within a year period, or for a year period, UPEI reserves the right to contact you and remove your VRE from the system to free resources for other Faculty members.
  • Using the VRE service also means that where possible and appropriate, you will make the information generated and collected by your VRE available to the wider research community in the interests of open scholarship. Note that your information will never be made available to anybody outside of the people you have granted access without your express written consent.
  • Content stored in the VRE system will be maintained "for as long as is necessary", which will be defined on a case by case basis using a variety of considerations, such as: the specific requirements of the original grant funding, the interests of the Faculty member and/or the broader community. Significant storage requirements may lead to the need for the project to provide initial or ongoing funds.

By participating in Robertson Libary's VRE program you keep intellectual resources safe. Your feedback helps us grow this innovative system, by facilitating the growth and refinement of our tools and services. Our staff looks forward to working with you.