Videos Available through Robertson Library

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The catalogue search above includes Proquest Academic Videos Online (AVON) and NFB Campus videos.

If you find a VHS video and need a different format, please contact librarian Melissa Belvadi.

Library-licensed streaming video services and databases that include some videos:

Proquest Academic Videos Online (AVON) and Nursing Education Collection - over 60,000 streaming academically-oriented videos, including a specializing Nursing collection

NFB Campus - National Film Board of Canada, over 3,000 films with Canada focus

*You are required to create an NFB Campus account in order to access any paid content

Kanopy - documentaries and some feature films, no overlap with Films on Demand or NFB Campus - CBC documentaries and news shows, without commercials

AccessEngineering - over 800 videos showing lab techniques etc. for the physical sciences and mechanical, electrical, and civil engineering

Academic Search Complete includes a big library of short (typically under 3 minutes) Associated Press videos in search results. Look for these between the 2nd and 3rd entries in search results.

O'Reilly Higher Education Ebooks (Safari) includes over 6,000 videos (primarily computer science, but engineering and business too).