Topic search help - addiction and substance abuse

Short versions:

EBSCO products including OneSearch:
((alcohol* N3 abuse) OR (drug* N3 abuse) OR "substance abuse" OR (drug* N3 addiction) OR (substance* N3 addiction) OR "substance dependence" OR "substance misuse" OR (substance N3 disorder*) OR (alcohol* N3 disorder*))

Proquest products including CBCA:
((alcohol* N/3 abuse) OR (drug* N/3 abuse) OR "substance abuse" OR (drug* N/3 addiction) OR (substance* N/3 addiction) OR "substance dependence" OR "substance misuse" OR (substance N/3 disorder*) OR (alcohol* N/3 disorder*))

Google Scholar:
((alcohol OR drugs OR substances) AND (abuse OR addiction OR misuse OR disorders OR dependence))


For really comprehensive logic, in EBSCO format, consider including any/all of the following:

"alcohol abuse"
"alcohol use disorder"
"amphetamine-related disorders"
"behavior, addictive"
"cannabis use disorder" 
"cocaine-related disorders"
"drug abuse"
"drug addiction"
"drug dependence"
"drug misuse"
"drug offense"
"drug overdose"
"hallucinogen use disorder" 
"inhalant abuse"
"marijuana abuse"
"opioid use disorder" 
"opioid-related disorders"
"prescription abuse" 
"stimulant use disorder" 
"substance abuse"
"substance addiction" 
"substance dependence" 
"substance misuse" 
"substance use disorders"
"substance-related disorders"
alcohol-related disorders"
drink* n5 abus*
drink* n5 addict*
drink* n5 binge*
drink* n5 dependen*
drink* n5 disease*
drink* n5 excessiv*
drink* n5 harm*
drink* n5 hazard*
drink* n5 misus*
drink* n5 overdos*
drink* n5 problem* 
opioid* n5 abus*
opioid* n5 addict*
opioid* n5 binge*
opioid* n5 dependen*
opioid* n5 disease*
opioid* n5 excessiv*
opioid* n5 harm*
opioid* n5 hazard*
opioid* n5 misus*
opioid* n5 overdos*
opioid* n5 problem* 
narcotic* n5 abus*
narcotic* n5 addict*
narcotic* n5 binge*
narcotic* n5 dependen*
narcotic* n5 disease*
narcotic* n5 excessiv*
narcotic* n5 harm*
narcotic* n5 hazard*
narcotic* n5 misus*
narcotic* n5 overdos*
narcotic* n5 problem* 
heroin* n5 abus*
heroin* n5 addict*
heroin* n5 binge*
heroin* n5 dependen*
heroin* n5 disease*
heroin* n5 excessiv*
heroin* n5 harm*
heroin* n5 hazard*
heroin* n5 misus*
heroin* n5 overdos*
heroin* n5 problem* 
methamphetamine* n5 abus*
methamphetamine* n5 addict*
methamphetamine* n5 binge*
methamphetamine* n5 dependen*
methamphetamine* n5 disease*
methamphetamine* n5 excessiv*
methamphetamine* n5 harm*
methamphetamine* n5 hazard*
methamphetamine* n5 misus*
methamphetamine* n5 overdos*
methamphetamine* n5 problem*