Thesis Information

Robertson Library's Collection of Theses and Projects

  • Undergraduate Honours Theses & Projects: Some undergraduate programs at UPEI require students to complete a honours thesis or project. The library collects digital copies of honours theses and projects in IslandScholar. To submit your thesis to IslandScholar, contact your academic department. The academic department coordinates with the Library to ensure all procedures are followed. 

  • Graduate Theses: The Library collects digital and/or print copies of theses (AVC is an exception and only submits electronic copies of theses to the Library). Print copies are kept in Special Collections and Archives. Digital copies are made available in IslandScholar. To submit your graduate thesis to IslandScholar, students should contact your academic department. The academic department coordinates with the Library to ensure all procedures are followed and then send the files to the Library. The Library does not accept thesis files directly from students. 

Printing & Binding Theses

All theses files and the Thesis Printing & Binding Order Form should be sent to the Library from a departmental contact (program coordinator, adminstrative assistant, etc.). If applicable, the Library then coordinates with the Central Printing Office (CPO) if print copies are requested. CPO prints and binds theses through Wallaceburg Bookbinding, located in Ontario, by uploading digital files via an online form. Printing and binding costs are the responsibility of the department (when applicable). Printing and binding may take 8 to 10 weeks or longer. 

Per the University Calendar, departments or programs are responsible for providing one print copy of a thesis for the Library's Archives (excluding AVC, which provides a digital copy only). For Departments/Program Coordinator, follow these steps to submit a thesis to the Library:

  1. Send one PDF with a signed license and signed certificate of work page to the Library along with Printing and Binding form to The Library no longer accepts paper copies of theses to be bound because there is no on-island binder.
  2. The Library coordinates with the Central Printing Office to complete printing and binding with Wallaceburg Bookbinding in Ontario through an online form.

If you are a student that would like to order printed and bounded copies of your thesis through the University, please contact your department to complete and submit the Thesis Printing & Binding Order Form [PDF] to the Library with a PDF of your thesis that includes all signed pages (Thesis/Dissertation Non-Exclusive License and Certificate of Work). Central Printing does not accept payment from students. Typically costs are $60-$80 per copy but varies based on the need for colour, the number of pages, or single/double-sided printing. There are also many thesis printing and binding companies available online. 

Thesis Forms