RefWorks Group Code Message

UPEI does not require a group code. The prompt occurs to off-campus users for the following reasons:

  • RefWorks - trying to login but not using the RefWorks link on the Library's webpage. (Off-campus users will be asked for their UPEI login first and then the RefWorks login).
  • Write-N-Cite IV - has two methods to login. Instead of using the second method that asks for Group Code, username, and password, use the first login box that requires the Write-N-Cite code from your main RefWorks account. (Login to RefWorks, select Tools, select Write-N-Cite. Find and copy the Write-N-Cite code from the left side of the box and then paste this code into the first box - you should not have to do this again, unless you log out of Write-N-Cite).
  • Google Scholar  - trying to import references without setting preferences. See instructions for using Google Scholar with RefWorks.
  • RefGrab-It Plug-In from off-campus without adding the Library proxy URL.

Please contact the Robertson Library Information Desk, in person, by telephone 566-0696, or the ASK US chat help if you have any questions about using RefWorks.