PsycINFO quick guide

  1. Access PsycINFO through the library website:  (note the spelling of psycinfo - there's no H!). 
  2. Start with a basic keyword search.
    Example: autism children
  3. Use the Limit To box on the left to limit to peer-reviewed articles within the last 10 years or as needed.
  4. Look through the results to find "Subjects" that match your concepts. Modify your search to use these words and phrases with the SU designator to indicate they're official subject terms.
    Example: SU "autism spectrum disorders" AND SU childhood  [note the use of quotation marks around phrases and the capitalization of AND and SU]
  5. For the articles that interest you, look for any kind of full text link to follow. If there is none, use the Check@UPEI link to make sure there is nothing available and to place an Interlibrary Loan request.
  6. Click on the full title of any article to see more clearly the parts of the citation that you'll need for your reference list, especially the "Source" information.
    Tip: on this full record screen, you can use the Cite link on the right to see this citation in APA format, although you will often need to fix the capitalization used.

A quick 2.5 minute video showing this sequence, with audio.