Open Textbooks

Many universities and other institutions have created initiatives to create textbooks which are free to use and open to all who want to learn. Open textbooks allow professors or other professionals to use and adapt textbooks based on their needs or the needs of their students.

BCcampus OpenEd

BCcampus OpenEd is a project which was created in British Columbia to advance learning. Part of BCcampus OpenEd is the Open Textbooks program. Currently, the project has created textbooks in 40 different subject areas.  All of the textbooks are licensed under a creative commons license and can be used freely by anyone. 

License: Creative Commons License


OpenStax CNX formerly Connexions

Openstax CNX was created at Rice University with the goal of providing users with educational material which is free to use. Authors are encouraged to create and share their work and to adapt the work of others. Open Stax CNX also provides a series to textbooks on a wide range of subjects.

License: Creative Commons License


Writing Commons

Writing Commons was created at the University of Souther Florida with the intent to create a resource that provides users with a series of online textbooks on a wide variety of subjects.

License: Creative Commons License Academy Academy is a website which provides access to over 100 textbooks. The textbooks are available to download in three different file formats, and topics encompass a wide range of subjects. encourages users to share and improve the textbooks they provide.

License: Creative Commons License


Knowledge Unlatched

Knowledge Unlatched has open access scholarly books that are not traditional textbooks but may be useful as such. The site currently contains over 300 books which users can access using OAPEN Library. All of the books available on the site are licensed under a creative commons license.

License: No specific license listed


Current Open Textbooks