Course Materials

Certain institutions and website have released complete courses, including all course material to the public. Users are encouraged to make use of course material to expand their knowledge or to brush up on a topic of interest.


From the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States, MITOpenCourseWare seeks to make course material from every course at MIT freely available on the web. They provide a complete course package including syllabus, reading list, lecture notes or slides, and a list of assignments. The course material they provide is at both the undergraduate and graduate level. According to the statistics provided on the site, they receive over 2 million page visits each month. A video on their site describes the genesis and goals of the project.

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Alberta Open Educational Resources

The Alberta Open Educational Resources initiative was created in Alberta. This initiative was designed to increase affordability and access to students in university. The resources section of the website provides users with toolkits, webinars, and additional information on the advantages of OER. The repository section of their website provides a list of publications which are free to use and download.

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OER Universitas (OERu)

Oer Universitas is an organization dedicated to making higher education available to all members of society. They are an international organization, but boast several partners from Canada. They provide courses on a wide range of subjects and allow users to choose from a full course or a smaller micro-course.

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Open Yale Courses

Open Yale Courses is available through Yale University. This site includes multiple courses in a wide range of subjects which include African American Studies, Economics, and Political Science. A user can simply download a zip file which contains all of the course material they would need.

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Merlot II

Merlot began at California State University as a way to share knowledge and learning materials. The site currently boasts tens of thousands of materials from a wide range of disciplines.

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Through Academy users can access textbooks and course material. The website provides full courses on a variety of subjects and a course entitled Saylor001 which operates as a how-to guide for learning through Saylor. Saylor also provides the opportunity to earn college credit hours in over 30 courses.

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