History of Agriculture on PEI

This winter we will be reading and discussing Time and a Place: An Environmental History of Prince Edward Island (2016). Our discussions will probe into past and present environmental changes on PEI, and how and why the Islanders are particularly sensitive to environmental issues and enmeshed in their landscape in a way that is unique among Canadians.

During our third discussion we will talk about the history of agriculture on PEI and will focus on the chapters “The Fertile Crescent: Agricultural Land Use on Prince Edward Island, 1861-1971” by Dr. Joshua MacFadyen and “Agriculture and the Environment on Prince Edward Island, 1969-2014: An Uneasy Relationship” by Mr. Jean-Paul Arsenault.  

We are thrilled that the authors, Dr. Joshua MacFadyen and Mr. Jean-Paul Arsenault, will join our discussion.

Date and time: March 14, 2019 at 4pm

Place: The Fox & Crow, W.A. Murphy Student Centre, UPEI campus.

All are welcome!