Escape Rooms@Robertson Library -Additional Dates

Escape Rooms @ Robertson Library

UPEI students, are you up for a challenge? Test your mental abilities alongside your fellow students in a problem-solving fun experience – and, you won't be marked on it! And, it’s a FREE event!

Back by popular demand, Robertson Library is again presenting escape rooms CEO of Destruction and Escape the Deep on October 25th and November 8th in the Library.

You and your fellow students are locked in a room and must escape! Find clues, solve puzzles, find keys, and open locks to find your way out. You have 30 minutes to escape. Can you escape in time?

Escape Rooms are limited to UPEI students. The maximum size for a group in each room is six participants.

Come and see if you have what it takes to escape!  Don’t miss out! Sign-up early!

CEO of Destruction

A group of recently graduated students has been recruited to Brighton Collective’s (BC) counter-espionage unit. They are charged with infiltrating Oakmen Enterprises to retrieve stolen top-secret project documents. Brighton Collective’s stock is going public in 30 minutes - your mission is to retrieve these documents and ensure that BC’s economic and intellectual property is secure before they move into this new phase of development.

Escape the Deep

A group of UPEI marine biology students are touring the coast of Atlantic Canada on the research submarine “HMCS Simon”. Disaster strikes in the form of a great white shark! The shark rams the submarine, mistaking it for a large lunch and compromises its shell. Water is quickly seeping in! You have 30 minutes to locate the submarine’s emergency system activation button and return safely to the surface.