Featured Database: CAB Abstracts

CAB Abstracts is best known as our core veterinary research database, but it has so much more than that!

CAB Abstracts has over 8.8 million records* from 1973 onwards from serials, books and conference proceedings. Its coverage of the applied life sciences includes agriculture, forestry, aquaculture, environment, leisure/tourism, veterinary sciences, applied economics, food science and nutrition.

Engineering students: CAB includes agricultural engineering as well as biofuels and waste management

Biology students: CAB includes a wide range of sources on plant biology, not just agriculture, including nematology, microbiology, genetics, plant pathology,  biosafety, and biotechnology.

Environmenal studies students: CAB covers environmental sciences  including land conservation, natural resource management,sustainable agriculture, invasive species, and climate change

Business students: CAB covers the leisure/tourism industries including ecotourism and applied economics of food and rural issues

AHS students: CAB covers food science, human nutrition, and social and economic aspects of sport and recreation