Merck Veterinary Manual

Provides veterinarians and other animal health professionals with concise and authoritative information on diseases and management of food-producing, companion, laboratory, and exotic animals. 

The new, 11th print edition, released July 2016, was completely updated and revised from the previous edition to continue to address the many diverse aspects of veterinary medicine. The website mirrors the 11th edition, but with greatly expanded multimedia, enhanced interactive content and tools, reference links, and more.

A new section is dedicated to public health, covering public health functions and agencies, epidemiologic principles, disease outbreak investigations, food safety, and the extensive table of zoonoses that has been part of the MVM since the first edition.

Other significant new information has been added on heart disease, diagnostic imaging, emergency medicine, wound management, and pharmacology, including drug resistance. The expanding area of aquaculture is reflected in new chapters on aquaculture, aquatic systems, and aquarium fish. Veterinary responsibilities under the new Veterinary Feed Directive rule are also summarized. Additional timely new topics have been added throughout, covering subjects as diverse as backyard poultry, equine arboviral encephalomyelitis, neonatal management, smoke inhalation, rhodococcosis, scorpion bites, spider flies, xylitol toxicity, toxicologic hazards in the workplace, and the human-animal bond and service animals. And as medical knowledge of exotic and laboratory animals continues to increase, so does the MVM’s coverage of birds, rabbits, reptiles, rodents, fish, and other nontraditional pets.