Student Locker Rentals from the Library

Lockers are located in the Breezeway of the Robertson Library.  Lockers are intended for day-to-day use and not longterm storage.  

Students can rent them for $10 a semester, renewals are optional. Choose between lockers 1 to 56 and fill out a form from the Service Desk. Please be sure to bring your Campus Card or you will not be able to rent out a locker.

Locker Usage

  • Locker rentals are subject to the rental period. Refunds can be denied, and are subjected to Staff decision. 
  • You must empty your locker by the end of your rental period. After that date, the lockers are cleaned out, locks changed, and any contents are sent to UPEI Security.
  • Lockers must only be used with the locks provided. Personal locks will be removed.
  • Your combination will be given at the time of rental and if forgotten can be retrieved with your Campus Card ID.
  • Robertson Library, UPEI is not responsible for items left in lockers or for any items that have been lost, damaged, or stolen from lockers.
  • Missing or broken locks and damaged lockers must be reported to the Service Desk at the Robertson Library.
  • Please do not store food or other perishable items in the locker for extended periods of time.

Student Responsibility

  • Do not leave your locker unlocked.
  • Do not leave your locker unattended while open.
  • Do not give your combination to anyone.
  • Do not use personal locks. Only the provided locks are to be used.
  • Respond to emails from Robertson Library related to your locker rental.

Please see the Service Desk for more information.

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