Free trial: Sage Research Methods Videos: Diversifying and Decolonizing Research

The Library has a 30-day free trial to a set of about 300 streaming videos within the Sage Research Methods platform called Diversifying and Decolonizing Research .

This is a very new package so there may be some hiccups on the platform in the first few weeks.

Some examples of titles included are:

  • Gender Ideology and Exploitation
  • Narrative Methodology in Indigenous Autonomy
  • Empowered from Below: Learning from African Descendant Decolonial and Anti-Racist Struggles
  • Native American Indigenous Literature: Stories of Kinship in Relation to the Ocean
  • Anthropology Fieldwork and Changing India: Reflections on Memories of Fieldwork
  • Writing the Fragmented Self From the Margin: Decolonizing Autoethnography Within Contexts of Displacement
  • Sexual Orientation

Sage describes the package as:

Sage Research Methods: Diversifying and Decolonizing Research uses a blend of text research cases, how-to guides, teaching datasets as well as videos to support students and researchers with the knowledge and skills to design and conduct research that is both critical and inclusive. It showcases a range of experiences and approaches from marginalized, under-represented, and vulnerable communities. It will especially focus on decolonial perspectives that challenge traditional research paradigms, especially indigenous research methods.

To provide feedback on this trial, please email librarian Melissa Belvadi,