Food, Drink, & Noise Policy

Facility (Environment) Policies

It is in the interests of our community of users that the Robertson Library provide and ensure an environment conducive to reading, learning, collaborating, and studying.

In this light, the Library proper should provide:

  • an environment free of disruptive activity;
  • a scent-free environment (in keeping with the Scent Free Campus)
  • designated areas where group sessions can take place;
  • an environment clean from messy food stuffs and empty drink containers;
  • areas designed to enhance study and research activities.


Food and Drink Policy

Consumption of food and covered drinks is permitted throughout the Library except in the Prince Edward Island Collection & University Archives Reading Area or the Microfilm/Microfiche area.

Patrons consuming food or drink in the library must clean up after themselves. Trash must be thrown out and any spills or mess cleaned off of furniture, equipment, or any other library materials. Alert library staff to any spills or messes that you are not able to clean up yourself. Drink containers must be emptied in washrooms before being placed in the appropriate disposal bins.



Noise Policy

Disturbance or behaviour which interferes with the normal use of the Library is not acceptable. Examples of inappropriate behaviour include rowdiness, prolonged conversations or noise, abusive behaviour, loitering and obstruction of facilities or access.

Conversation is not permitted in designated quiet study areas (sunrooms on main and upper floors) and in individual study carrels.

Personal audio devices with earphones are permitted in the general Library provided volume is kept low. Ringers on cell phones should be silenced and their quiet use is restricted to the Library lobbies.

See the Study Zones floor maps for designation of Conversation, Collaboration, and Super-Quiet zones.

Date Created: April 2000
Last revision: February 21, 2020