Reserves, Placing Materials on (info for Faculty)

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If you are planning to assign readings from an ebook accessible through the library, please contact to ensure that licensing issues such as simultaneous user limits do not prevent student access.

What is Reserves?

To enhance the accessibility of materials selected by the faculty of UPEI, the Library provides a paper and electronic Reserve (eReserve) service. In order to balance the educational needs of UPEI's students with the rights of a work's creator, there are limits to what can be accepted for Reserve. The fundamental framework for these guidelines are Canada's Copyright Act, and the CAUT Guidelines for the use of copyrighted material. This policy attempts to find an appropriate balance which allows our students to pursue their education in an appropriate learning environment.

In essence, this service provides UPEI students access to materials for a limited loan period, as determined by the faculty member, based on such factors as the type of material and the number of students requiring access to the materials. Library staff may also shorten the loan periods if demand warrants.

Any copied material (scans, photocopies, etc.) being submitted for Reserve or eReserve must be accompanied by complete citation information.


What can I place on Reserve or eReserve?

The following are simplified guidelines to expedite the reserve process and assist you with compliance.


  • Library books should be retrieved from the stacks. If you are unable to locate a book, please advise the staff at the Service Desk.
  • Personal copies of books should contain owner identification. Unless requested otherwise, they will be returned to you at the end of the semester. Please be aware that Reserve stickers, barcodes and date due slips will be added to personal books unless you request otherwise.
  • Scans/Photocopies of book pages will be accepted provided the photocopied material is not a substantial portion of the work (one or two chapters or less than 10% of the work).
  • eReserves: Instructors may also request that chapter readings be made available electronically, as long as the scans are not a substaintial portion of the work (one or two chapters or less than 10% of the work).

Journal articles

  • The Library will accept one article per journal issue for reserve or eReserve.
  • eReserves: If the Library does subscribe to the journal electronically, the Library will provide a link directly to the article or journal rather than scan a print copy. In this case, it will be at the instructor's discretion whether or not to provide a paper copy for traditional reserves as well as the link, and it will be the instructor's responsibility to provide the paper copy.

Other print materials

  • One entire short story, play, poem, or essay from a book containing other kinds of works (i.e. an anthology) will be accepted, provided it does not exceed 10% of the work. If the Library owns the book, has ordered the book, or if the work is in the public domain, we will also digitize or provide an electronic link to the material for eReserve upon request.
  • An entire newspaper article or page will be accepted for paper and/or eReserve.
  • An entire single item of print music from a book or periodical issue containing other kinds of works will be accepted for print Reserve.
  • Coursepacks will be accepted for print Reserve.

Class notes, lecture outlines, exams, assignments or other work produced by the instructor

  • Class notes, lecture outlines, exams, etc. may all be placed on Reserve in paper and/or electronic formats. They may be brought to the Service Desk of the Library or emailed to for electronic use only. Original documents which are in pencil, are of poor quality or contain photocopied graphs, images, etc. will not scan well. Also, at most, if not all, of the printers available to students do not have 8 ½" x 14" paper, we will usually reduce the size of your document to 8 ½" x 11".

Government documents

  • Government documents should be retrieved from the stacks. If you are unable to locate a government document, please advise the staff at the Service Desk. If the document is also available digitally, an eReserve link will be made to this.

Videos, CDs, CD-ROMs, DVDs, other electronic media

  • Videos, CDs, CD-ROMs and DVDs from the Library's collection should be retrieved from the Media Centre/Collaboratory. Please be aware that personal DVDs, CD-ROMs etc. might not be viewable on the computers available to students if they require software downloads. Staff at the Service Desk can test these items.

All personal copies of materials will be returned to the office of the faculty member at the end of the semester unless otherwise instructed.

If you have any comments, concerns, questions, suggestions, etc. about the Library's Reserve services, please contact a staff member at the Service Desk at 566-0583 or email