Education Research - Student Motivation and Agency

A common aspect of many educational research topics relates to student motivation. Sometimes it is framed more specifically as student ownership or student agency.

The following is a piece of a OneSearch search query that you can use to help with this topic.  Combine this with AND and the other parts of your topic (grade level, subject area, specific pedagogical tools, etc.):


 (SU "student engagement" OR SU inquiry OR SU "problem based learning" OR SU ownership OR SU self-efficacy OR TI inquiry OR TI agency OR AB "student* agency" OR SU "agency theory" OR SU "learner engagement" OR SU empowerment OR TI "student empowerment" OR AB "student empowerment" OR SU "problem solving" OR TI "student initiated" OR AB "student initiated" OR "self-regulation" OR SU "student motivation")


If you run into any more subject phrases or useful terms that you think should be added to this list, please email the Education Librarian, Melissa Belvadi,