Did You Know? Robertson Library Online Rooms

Did you know that the Robertson Library has single rooms that have been designated for UPEI students taking an online course and need a space equipped with a computer to synchronously participate in their online course? That’s why we call them Online Rooms! 

Online rooms include a network-connected iMac computer that includes a webcam and mic built in. Bring your own headphones to plug into the iMac. It can accommodate a standard headphone jack or USB headphones. 

This area is a red zone for silent study; therefore, our Online rooms are limited to 1 student.  

If you are seeking a room to study in, use the Room Calendar to book an Online room. Log in with your UPEI username/password to create a reservation.  

Online rooms are locked and you need to check out your room key at the Service Desk and return it there when your booking is over. We do have additional rooms in this area that cannot be booked via the website, but we encourage you to book on the website, as we cannot guarantee availability of unlisted rooms.