Coursepacks - Request Instructions for Faculty

Coursepack request instructions:

All third-party materials included in coursepacks must be cleared for copyright, and some may require royalty payments. Please consider using the eReserves or Moodle options instead when appropriate; in many cases, publications that require royalty fees for coursepacks can be provided to students electronically for free.

Always allow 5 weeks from the time of your completed request for coursepacks to be copyright-cleared and then printed before they will be available to students.


Step 1. Submit citations

Submit the citations for the items using this form - one citation per form submission.

Do this BEFORE bringing the paper originals to Central Printing - the staff need to verify copyright permission first.  If you need help finding complete citation information, contact the Library Service Desk 902-566-0583.

Coursepack request form


Step 2. Give physical copy to Central Printing

Central Printing will contact you to tell you when to provide the original documents. They will tell you if there are any problems clearing copyrights on any items or if any items could be provided for free to students electronically.