Videos in the Collaboratory - Viewing (DVD and VHS)

The Collaboratory has computers especially equipped with hardware and software to support viewing videos. In  addition, most public computers in the library can play video DVDs.

Viewing videos in the Collaboratory/Media Centre:

  • DVDs - Use the DVD player in the computer, NOT the combo DVD/VHS players in the room, for best quality video.
    • Press and hold the eject key (line with arrow above it, right next to F12) to open and close the DVD drawer in the computer.
    • The DVD will immediately begin to play full screen.
    • Press ESC to switch to a windowed view, which you can then move around and resize to your comfort.
    • Use the F11 and F12 on the keyboard to control the volume
  • VHS Videos
    • Use one of the two separate Video/DVD units available in the room
    • From the computer screen, select the Elgato Capture Software icon from the program dock (looks like blue movie film)
    • Click Continue on the first screen
    • Check Aspect Ratio is 4.3; Video Input should be set to Composite “RCA”
    • Click Continue
    • Click Continue
    • At the screen with the red Start Recording Button, insert the video which should immediately start playing (don’t need to  press the red button)
    • Use the video unit's own remote control to pause, stop, rewind, eject
    • Use the F11 and F12 on the keyboard to control the volume
    • Size of image:  To quickly increase and decrease the size of the image, hold down the Ctrl key and use the scroll button on the mouse. (Need to zoom back out to resume control of computer)

    Please contact Library Staff if you require further assistance.

Audio Problems

If the headphones are not playing the video's audio track, the wrong output device may be selected. To select the headphones, go to the System Preferences icon on the dock (gray rectangle with a gear in the middle of it), then select Sound, then the Output tab, and you should be able to select 'headphone' from the list. 

Use the keyboard buttons F11 and F12 to decrease/increase the volume as needed. There are no volume controls on the library-supplied headphones themselves.