Converting Video to Digital Format in the Collaboratory

These instructions will save the video to an mp4 file. You can then save it as is, or use other tools to convert it to other digital formats or burn it to a video DVD.

Note: You are responsible for respecting Canadian copyright law in your use of these methods.

Step 1: Insert VHS into VHS player, where it will automatically begin to play. Use the buttons on the front of the player to pause it and play it as needed to queue it to the point you wish to record.

Step 2: Open the program “Elgato Video Capture”; it is the dock icon that looks like a blue filmstrip with yellow, white and red RCA connectors coming out of it.

Step 3: Label your recording your desired title. Then, on the drop-down menu, indicated how long your video is approximately going to be. Then click “Continue”.

Step 4: Review your default settings (e.g. most VHS videos are 4:3 ratio) and make any adjustments you desire and then click “Continue”.

Step 5: Set the video to "play" with the buttons on the player if not already playing, then make sure your audio is showing up on the screen's monitor. You may need to rewind to set the video back to your desired starting point after this. If all is well, click “continue”.

Step 6: When you are ready and your VHS is set to the point you wish to begin recording, click the red “Start Recording” button.

Step 7: When you are finished recording click the amber “Stop Recording” button.

Step 8: Now you can decide if you would like to trim the beginning or end of the recording you have made. If you decide to do so, when your trimming is complete click the continue button, if you decide not to trim, continue right on by pressing “continue”.

Step 9: Now your video was saved as a MP4 file on the desktop and you can use iMovie to edit and burn your file onto a DVD.

Be sure to save your work onto a flash drive or upload to email, as all files left on the collaboratory computers are wiped out when the guest "mac" account is logged out, which happens frequently.