Convert a CD to mp3 in the Collaboratory, How to

Note: It is possible to convert CDs to mp3's on any of the Macs in the library


  1. Login to Mac. Important: Do NOT put the CD in early, but only in the order of the steps below!
  2. Run iTunes, it is found under Finder-Applications-iTunes, Agree to license but do not download a new version
  3. In the iTunes menu select Preferences-Import Settings-Import using: MP3 Encoder-Settings: higher quality 192 kbps, then select OK
  4. Select OK
  5. Use the eject button at the top of the keyboard to open the drawer, or the eject button on the top right hand of the screen. If you are using one of the Macs not in the Collaboratory, the CD holder is on the side of the Mac screen, there is no drawer to open (insert with CD label facing you)
  6. Insert the CD, and gently press the drawer edge to close it, or press the eject button on the screen again
  7. A pop-up will show asking if you wish to import the CD, select Yes. If this does not pop-up, go into iTunes and pull down the MUSIC menu and select the CD at the bottom of the list, then click on Import CD at the far right, when the settings window appears - Click OK
  8. Now wait for all the tracks to finish
  9. When completed, pull down the top left menu that shows the CD and select MUSIC
  10. Click on the album to select it and open the song list
  11. Insert your USB stick, then right click on the first song and click on “Show in Finder”
  12. Select all of the MP3 tracks and drag to your USB stick. Before removing your stick, wait for all songs to be moved first
  13. Finally, use the keyboard or screen eject button to remove the CD from the drawer and gently close it after CD is removed