CanLII Canadian Legal Information Institute

Full text of Canadian case law and legislation, federal and all provinces.

Description from website:

Provides access to court judgments, tribunal decisions, statutes and regulations from all Canadian jurisdictions. Our other website, CanLII Connects, hosts a database of case commentary and case summaries which is contributed to, on a daily basis, by lawyers, scholars and others with professional competency in legal analysis.

Funded by Canada’s lawyers and notaries for the benefit of all, CanLII provides free access to legal information

Unique in the world among Legal Information Institutes (LIIs), CanLII’s operational funding is, and has always been, exclusively provided by members of Canada’s provincial and territorial law societies. Funding for specific projects such as expansion of historical databases has been gratefully received from provincial law foundations and other sources.


Table showing latest update dates for various kinds of content, case law and legislative: