APC Discounts and the Library

What is APC?

Article Processing Charge - a fee that an article author pays to a journal to have their article provided free to the world as "open access". This may be in a fully Open Access journal, or to have just their own article made Open Access in a "hybrid" journal.

Does Robertson Library pay APCs for UPEI researchers?

No, we have no funding to support this.

So what does the Library have to do with APC?

Sometimes a subscription package or membership that the Library pays for includes discounts for UPEI researchers for APC charges.

For what Publishers/Journals does the Library provide a discount for the APCs?

  • Sage Journals - 40% discount for most but not all journals. Once the article has been accepted you’ll be asked for payment. On this screen there is a box for a discount code. You have to email Sage (APCQueries@sagepub.com) to get your unique discount code - be sure to mention your UPEI affiliation in requesting that discount code.
  • MDPI: Institutional member. Receive 10% discount on APCs through this publisher. 
  • American Chemical Society - 25% discount through the CRKN consortial journal package subscription. Will only apply to journals currently subscribed in that package (which is most but not all ACS journals). ACS calls this their "Author Choice" Open Access service