Donate a Book through Amazon Wishlists

Donate a book that the library needs! Even small contributions can help the library's collecting mission.

Robertson Library is now using the public wishlist feature of to make it easy for donors to purchase books for the Library.

You will need to have or create an Amazon account to participate. However, you can view the wish lists without an account and purchase a book for the library elsewhere. If you do, please immediately contact to notify us of which book so we can remove it from our Amazon wishlist. Bring it to the library and include a slip with your name and email address so we can follow the rest of our procedure as below.

These books have been hand-selected by the librarians as being especially suitable for UPEI's collection needs; however, limited budget funds prevent the library from simply purchasing them outright.

We have arranged them by subject for your convenience.

See the instructions below for the steps. Please note these steps in particular:

  • Designate the item as a gift and add your name and email address in the gift message box at checkout so we can thank you, although you are also welcome to be anonymous.
  • Unless anonymous, donated books will be recognized on the library's website with an digital bookplate with your name as well as in the catalogue record in a local note field.
  • When you place the order, you will have an option to select our mailing address for the delivery - please do so.
  • The item is then shipped directly to Robertson Library.
  • You may order more than one book at a time, and you can make subsequent orders.
  • We will not provide a tax receipt for CRA tax credit through this procedure. If you wish to make a donation, either cash or through these wishlists, and get a tax receipt for it, contact the Collections librarian below to make special arrangements before placing an order.

If you have any questions about this program, call or email the Collections Librarian, Melissa Belvadi,, 902-566-0581.


This assumes that you've first logged into your own account and are starting from there, or intend to just find a book to order from elsewhere

Open the Wishlist menu at the top right corner of Amazon's website and click on "Find a Wish List":

Open the Wishlist menu at the top right corner of Amazon's website and click on "Find a Wish List"

Search for Robertson Library:

Select a book from the General Robertson Library wishlist, or select one of the subject-specific lists from the left side of the page:

Find a book to donate and click on Add to Cart, then go to your Shopping Cart.
The entry in your shopping cart already knows it is from our list and that it is a gift:

Proceed as normal through the order process.

Be sure to select our address instead of your own default one when offered the option to change delivery addresses:

Unless you want to be anonymous, put your name and email address in the Gift message box:

Choose whatever shipping option you like - these are based on your own account, not ours, so will depend on whether you are an Amazon Prime member, or the total value of the order, or whether the order is from a "third party" or Amazon directly:

Complete the rest of the order and payment process, and thank you!