Total Solar Eclipse, April 8, 2024

On Monday, April 8, 2024, Islanders will experience our first total solar eclipse since July 1972! The eclipse will be seen over UPEI's Charlottetown campus between 3:28:08 pm and 5:43:58 pm, with a peak of 99.56% totality expected at 4:38:16 pm, according to Astronomy @ UPEI Physics. For more information, including how to create your own pinhole projector, see their webpage, "Safe Solar Eclipse Viewing," at Remember: never look directly at the sun, and keep your camera safe, too.

Please note that neither the Robertson Library nor the Physics Department have eclipse glasses to give away, nor will we be hosting any events on campus, as our keenest eclipse observers are heading up west to be in the path of 100% totality. Wishing all eclipse watchers clear skies!