Liaison (Subject) Librarians

Liaison Librarians specialize in the subjects listed. If you need advanced research assistance in a specific discipline, contact the Librarian in that discipline. Phone numbers (for off-campus users) begin with 902-566-  except where otherwise noted.

Applied Human Sciences Meghan Landry (0479) Dr. Travis Saunders
Biology Meghan Landry (0479) Dr. Pedro Quijon
Business Meghan Landry (0479)  
Chemistry Rosie Le Faive (0533) Dr. Rabin Bissessur
Computer Science & Information Technology Rosie Le Faive (0533) Dr. Stephen L. Howard
Diversity and Social Justice Studies Melissa Belvadi (0581) Dr. Ann Braithwaite
Economics Meghan Landry (0479) Dr. Jason Stevens
Education Melissa Belvadi (0581) Dr. Ron MacDonald
Engineering Rosie Le Faive (0533) Dr. Ali Ahmadi
English Meghan Landry (0479)
Melissa Belvadi (0581) (English 101)
Dr. Anne Furlong
Environmental Studies Meghan Landry (0479) Dr. Carolyn Peach Brown
Fine Arts Meghan Landry (0479) Dr. Janos Fedak
Global Issues Meghan Landry (0479) Dr. Ron Srigley
History Meghan Landry (0479)
Simon Lloyd (0536)
Dr. Sharon Myers
International Development Simon Lloyd (0536) Dr. Wimal Rankaduwa
Island Studies Simon Lloyd (0536) Dr. Godfrey Baldacchino
Mathematics & Statistics Rosie Le Faive (0533) Dr. Maxim Burke
Modern Languages Meghan Landry (0479) Dr. Carlo Lavoie
Music Meghan Landry (0479) Dr. Andrew Zinck
Nursing Meghan Landry (0479) Prof. Maureen MacInnis-Wheatley
Philosophy Meghan Landry (0479) Dr. Malcolm Murray
Physics Rosie Le Faive (0533) Dr. James Polson
Political Science Simon Lloyd (0536) Dr. Peter McKenna
Psychology Melissa Belvadi (0581) Dr. Colleen MacQuarrie
Religious Studies Meghan Landry (0479) Dr. Edward Chung
Sociology/Anthropology Melissa Belvadi (0581) Dr. Benet Davetian
Theatre Studies Meghan Landry (0479) Dr. Greg Doran
University 100/103 Melissa Belvadi (0581) Prof. Vickie Johnston
Veterinary Medicine Meghan Landry (0479) Dr. Larry Hammell