Melissa Belvadi

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User Experience & Collections Librarian




Email Address:

Room Number: 

RL 286

Office Hours: 

Appointments: I generally make appointments from 9am - 5pm Mon-Fri, but for Education students who cannot get to campus during those hours, I will make evening appointments.

Collaborate: I am experimenting with using the campus license for BlackBoard Collaborate as a tool for helping patrons who aren't in the Library, with technical issues. You can access my "room" at this link. It doesn't do any good to go there without telling me first so I can "meet" you in it, but then we can share audio, video, files and eventually the feature to share screens will be available.

Skype: I am also Skype user: melbelvw which does allow screen sharing as well as audio and video so if you need help and use Skype and can't come in person, contact me about our doing a Skype appointment.

Teamviewer: For users who need me to actually control their computer remotely, not just see it, I like to use the free (for non-profit and personal use) software Teamviewer. Students can run it on a one-time basis to get help, without actually installing it directly on their computers.

Projects I am working on include:

  • A OneSearch (EBSCO Discovery Service) replacement for our native catalogue which is brand Evergreen. So far I think the search results from this EDS profile are of better relevancy than the native catalogue, but different people trying very different kinds of topics get very different results, so it's hard so far to be definitive about which is better for the typical user.
  • A study on the circulation patterns of somewhat older books in the UPEI collection. Grant application is pending for funding to do this study, which aims to add more data to the debate about whether books that have limited/no circulation in their early years are likely to have any circulation worth the cost of storing them. The literature tends to say "will never circulate" but I don't see any way to empirically test "never" so I'm going for a 20-25 year timeframe which will be longest in library research in the last few decades for a general undergraduate collection.
  • Looking at various ways to incorporate QR codes around the library to integrate the digital resources with the physical spaces, and actually measure whether they're being used.
  • A study of the overlap between the journal holdings of the library and the journals that our faculty actually publish in. Eventually I want to expand this to an analysis of the journals that our faculty cite as well, as a local replication of a study I read about recently done at another institution (citation escapes me at the moment).

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Master of Library Science, UCLA 1993 [specialization: information systems design]; B.A. Psychology, UC Santa Cruz 1990