Web Tour of Robertson Library

This tour will give you an overview of the services and resources offered by the Library, as well as an idea of where they are physically located.

Robertson Library

Robertson Library
is located on the campus of UPEI.

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Enter through the Main Entrance to begin the tour.

Library Entrance

Once in the Breezewayenter the Library proper.

Library Breezeway

 As you enter the Library, the Service Desk is on your right.

Service Desk

The Service Desk is where you:

  • sign out/renew library materials
  • obtain reserve materials
  • sign out laptops, Chromebooks, headphones, computer and cell phone chargers
  • sign out calculators and the microphone for the Soundproof Booth
  • add money to your UPEI Campus Card account
  • sign out the Dobsonian telescope
  • sign out Research Room keys
  • return library material
  • pick up Interlibrary Loans
  • get help with printing and scanning
  • pick up and pay for 3D printing
  • sign out group study room LCD panel display remote controls 
  • purchase binding materials
  • pay Library fines

Staff at the Service Desk can help you to:

  • locate information
  • use the Library Catalogue
  • find books, articles, government information, videos, or other materials
  • use periodical indexes, abstract journals, or electronic databases to locate journal or newspaper articles
  • find your way around the Library
  • obtain materials not held by the Robertson Library through Interlibrary Loan

Librarians are available for one-on-one consultations to help with your research needs. Contact your subject librarian to set up an appointment.



Your UPEI Campus Card is your Library card.


Bring it with you to the Library - you will need it to sign out Library material from the Service Desk and to add money to your UPEI Campus Card account.

The normal loan period for students is for three weeks. Books can be renewed in person, by phone at 902-566-0583, by email at circdesk@upei.ca, or directly using the Library's Catalogue's My Account.

Books and other course materials are often placed "on reserve"  or "electronic reserve" by faculty members. This ensures they are available for everyone in the class. Reserve materials are available through the "Reserves" link on the Library's homepage.

Robertson Library Reserves

Select the appropriate department to locate your course reserves.Robertson Library Course Reserves

Electronic reserve material is available on campus, as well as off-campus using your UPEI username and password. Non-electronic reserve material is available at the Service Desk. Loan periods vary from one hour to one week, depending on what your professor has specified.




Want more information on the Library's borrowing policies?

 Library Ask Us

Library ASK US, a real-time online reference service, is an extension of our in-person, phone, and email reference service. ASK US Chat is available to UPEI students, faculty, and staff.

ASK US is available throughout the Library website and in all Moodle courses.


Computer help, such as setting up your UPEI student network account, wireless access, word processing, printing, scanning, and campus e-mail, is also available from the Service Desk. 

Go through the door to the left of the Service Desk to access the Learning Commons.

Library Learning Commons

Library Learning Commons

The Reference stacks are located adjacent to the Service Desk.

Books in the Reference Collection include dictionaries, encyclopedias, atlases, and directories. You use a reference book to find a specific piece of information (generally you would not read it from cover to cover!)

In addition to general reference works, such as Cambridge Encyclopedia and Oxford English Dictionary, there are specialized Reference Books for various subject areas. For example, History reference books include Dictionary of Canadian Biography and Historical Atlas of Canada, while Business reference books include Encyclopedia of Operations Management and Dictionary of Marketing Terms.

The books in the Reference Collection, like books located elsewhere in the Library, are arranged by the Library of Congress Classification System. This ensures that books on similar subjects are kept together on the shelves.


For example, History books are in the "D", "E", and "F" sections;


most of those dealing with Canadian history are in the "FC" section; many books covering women's history are in the "HQ" section.




Business books are in the “HA-HJ” sections.



There is also an additional Reference Collection located on the Upper Level.  Included in this collection are general encyclopedias, including the Encyclopaedia Britannica; the Dictionary of Literary Biography; and Contemporary Literary Criticism; as well as Indexes and Abstracts, such as the Canadian Periodical Index and the The New York Times Index.

Robertson Library Reference Upper Level

Outlines of the Library of Congress Classification System are posted on the ends of book stacks at various locations throughout the Library.

Current Periodicals are also located in the Learning Commons, on the shelves preceding the Reference Collection.

A periodical is an item which is published on a regular basis, such as magazines, newspapers, and journals. Serial is sometimes used as a synonymous term.

The current issue of each periodical is on display, with the titles arranged in alphabetical order. Here you can find the latest issues of Harvard Business Review, Journal of the Canadian Historical Association, MacLean’s, and other journals.

Lift up the shelf to see the immediately-preceding issues.


To search for a specific journal, newspaper, or magazine title that the Library subscribes to, either online or in print format, use the search box under the Articles tab on the Library homepage.

Robertson Library Find Journal Title

The Library's collection of federal Government Publications is located on the shelves just behind the Reference Collection.






Included in this collection are Hansard, Bills of the House of Commons and Senate, annual reports of government departments, and reports of commissions of inquiry.





These publications can range in size from pamphlets on a wide range of subjects to multi-volume Royal Commission reports.

Many of these Government Publications can be searched in the Library Catalogue.

Most recent government publications are available in electronic format. The Government Information search box on the Library website searches Government of Canada, provincial, and municipal websites. To access the Government Information search box, click on the More tab from the Library homepage.

Robertson Library Government Documents

Robertson Library Government Information

When you need to locate journal and/or newspaper articles, use an Article Database.

Just as there are reference books for various subject areas, there are also article databases for various subject areas.  Article databases can be accessed from the computers throughout the Library, as well as from any networked computer elsewhere on campus.

To access Article Databases, from the Library homepage, click on the More tab. 

Robertson Library Databases

Currently registered UPEI students, faculty, and staff can also use these databases from off-campus using your UPEI network username and password.

By the way, if you are using your laptop, wireless access is available throughout the Library using Panthernet. Panthernet is also available in all academic buildings on campus.

Two databases of particular interest to history students are America: History & Life and Historical Abstracts, although depending on your specific topic, there may be other databases to search.

Business students will find Business Source Complete and CBCA Complete (Canadian Business and Current Affairs) useful databases.

Do you wish to see a list of the Subject Databases available?

The OneSearch search box, on the Library homepage,

searches almost all of the Library's print and online collections, and millions of other materials not owned by the Library, in a single search.

When off-campus, UPEI students, faculty, and staff should use the "login" link offered at the top of the first search results to get complete access to the full text. Use your UPEI network username and password, the same account you use to access Moodle and campus email, to login to OneSearch.

The Library offers both Windows 7 (Dell) computers and iMacs.

The Windows computers, which include Microsoft Office and course-related software, require you to log on using your UPEI student network username and password.

Dell Windows XP Computers

The iMacs, which include standard Mac software and Microsoft Office, do not require a network login; however, if you wish to print, you will be prompted for your student network username and password.

iMac Computers

You can access the Library's resources, such as the Library Catalogue and article databases; e-mail; Moodle; and search the Internet from any computer in the Library.

Do you want to see more information on computers in the Library?

Laser printers are located adjacent to the Service Desk in the Learning Commons. Use your UPEI Campus Card account to print. Both black & white and colour printing options on letter size paper are available. Printing costs 10 cents for black & white single-sided and 16 cents for black & white double-sided; or 20 cents for colour single-sided and 35 cents for colour double-sided. 

Konica-Minolta multifunction device (MFD) is available adjacent to the laser printers in the Learning Commons. The MFD can print black & white or colour, on letter or legal size paper, single-sided or double-sided. Printing costs 10 cents per side for black & white or 50 cents per side for colour. Tap your campus card or insert coins to pay for your print job at the MFD. You can also print PDFs directly from a USB stick in the MFD devices.

Two additional MFD devices are available in the Library - behind the staircase on the Main Level and in the lobby on the Upper Level. 

Want more information on printing options in Robertson Library?

Money can be added to your UPEI Campus Card account:

  • with cash at the Service Desk
  • with cash, credit card, or debit card in the Residence Services office in Bill and Denise Andrew Hall (campus map building #19). Don't forget to bring your Campus Card;
  • by credit card using the Campus Card Account web interface.

By the way, you can also use your Campus Card to pay for photocopying, for other services on campus such as laundry and vending machines, and for coffee and snacks at campus cafes, such as Samuel's in the PIT of the Library.

The Library offers multiple options for self-service scanning of photos, documents, etc.:

  • the Click Mini, an open-face scanner, very useful for scanning book pages, located in the Learning Commons near the printers
  • the Zeta book scanner (best for scanning bound volumes) - available in the Special Collections area
  • Konica-Minolta MFD multi-function devices (best for multipage documents that can be auto-fed, and small items) - located in the Learning Commons, beside the Zeta; behind the staircase on the Main Level; and in the lobby on the Upper Level
  • Jumbl 35mm slide and negative film scanner - available from the Service Desk
  • See photocopying/laminating/microform scanning for scanning microfilm and microfiche

 Inquire at the Service Desk for assistance with scanning. Want more information on scanning in the Library?


The Library offers the use of a 3D printer to UPEI students, faculty, and staff, as well as members of the public. 

The printer is located in the Lower Floor Lobby of the Library. It is available on a self-serve, first-come-first-served basis.

To use the 3D printer:

  •  Fill out the 3D Print Request Form at  https://library.upei.ca/3dprint/form and upload your file.
  •  Check your email account for an email from Library staff with your estimated print cost (can take between 1-3 days to arrive)
  •  Respond to the staff's email accepting the estimated cost (if there are any issues, please inform staff at this point)
  • Watch for another email from Library staff letting you know that your print is ready for pick up. (Please note we cannot provide pick up times in advance). 
  • Pick up and pay for your print at the Library Service Desk (cash or UPEI ID card only).

Please see 3D Printing for more information on 3D printing in the Library. Inquire at the Service Desk for questions regarding 3D printing.


The Special Collections area, on the Main Level, houses the P.E.I. Collection, University Archives, microfilm, microfiche, and current and back issues of a wide range of P.E.I. newspapers and periodicals.

Titles of PEI newspapers and periodicals include:

  • The Buzz
  • The Eastern Graphic
  • The Guardian
  • The Island Magazine
  • Journal Pioneer
  • West Prince Graphic

Robertson Library Microfilm


Special Collections

Back issues of PEI newspapers will usually be found on microfilm, or in certain cases, in the newspaper cabinet, adjacent to the current newspapers.


The Special Collections area also houses study tables and the P.E.I. Collection Catalogue.

Assistance with the P.E.I. Collection, University Archives, and microforms is provided from the Service Desk. The UASC Librarian, whose office is located in the Special Collections reading area, may also be available to assist you (appointment recommended -- 902-566-0536  Simon Lloyd slloyd@upei.ca).

The Robertson Library attempts to collect everything written about P.E.I., or published on P.E.I., including P.E.I. government publications. Selective indexing is done of articles in Island newspapers, and articles about P.E.I. which appear in periodicals. It is important to check the Library Catalogue, PEI Digital Collections,  the PEI Newspaper Database, the PEI Articles Database (PEI PAD), and the card catalogue in this area when doing a search for information on an Island topic.



University documents, including back issues of the University Calendar, student newspaper, and yearbooks, are also located in the Special Collections area.


Microfilm and microfiche readers are available in the Special Collections Area.





In addition to the readers, two work-stations are available for making digital scans from microfilm and microfiche. Scanning is free of charge.

Inquire at the Service Desk for assistance. 

Microform Printers/Scanners

The collection of P.E.I. newspapers on microfilm is an important resource for historians and genealogists.



Other useful primary sources of information for Prince Edward Island history can also be found on microfilm, including Journals of the House of Assembly.






Browse through the first shelving unit to see what other primary sources for Island History are available.

By the way, the Guardian, PEI's main newspaper, is available in digital format from 1890-1960s. The Guardian, as well as other PEI related digitized collections, can be accessed from the Library homepage. Click on the PEI Collections icon.

The UPEI Writing Centre is located on the Main Level, adjacent to the microfilm stacks in the Library Learning Commons.

The Writing Centre provides coaching and support for writing in all disciplines for students, faculty, and staff. 

For further information on the Writing Centre, visit the UPEI Webster Centre for Teaching and Learning.

The Collaboratory, on the Main Level, 

houses videos, CDs, sound recordings, and MacPro workstations with specialized digitizing equipment.

The LINC (Library Instruction Centre) is also located on the Main Level.



This classroom is equipped for hands-on learning activities in the use of library resources. During your time at UPEI you may attend classes here.

The Language Lab is located next to the LINC. 

Language Lab

Language Lab

This lab is equipped with iMacs with Rosetta Stone software with several basic modern languages available for self-learning. 

Upper Level

Now we move to the Upper Level of the Library (take the stairs or the elevator). The Library's collections of circulating books and bound periodicals are located on the Upper Level.

Robertson Library - Stairs to Upper Level

Turn right at the top of the stairs to access the Reading Room, a large study area.

Robertson Library - Turn Right to Locate Current Periodicals


Robertson Library Upper Level Reading Room

The Reading Room houses arrangements of leather sofas and chairs, as well as study tables and carrels.Periodicals Area

There are also computer workstations and a computer lab located in this area. 

Periodicals Area

These computers can be used to search the Library Catalogue and databases, and there is an option to print.

Robertson Library Upper Level Computers and Computer Lab

Turn left at the top of the stairs to locate books and back issues of periodicals.

Robertson Library Upper Level Foyer

On your way, you will pass a conversation/study nook.

Conversation/Study nook.

An iMac computer is also located in this area. You can access the Library catalogue from this computer. A Konica-Minolta multifunction device (MFD) is attached. You can print and scan from this MFD.


The Konica-Minolta multifunction device (MFD) can print black and white or colour on letter or legal size paper. Printing costs10 cents per printed side for black & white and 20 cents per side for colour. 
You will need to need to tap your UPEI Campus Card on the MFD located on the Upper Level and on the MFD on the Main Level, just behind the staircase.

The MFD in the Learning Commons takes coins as well as your UPEI Campus Card.

Do you want further information on printing in the Library?

Scanning is free of charge. Do you want more information on scanning in the Library?

Copyright Poster

Once you pass through the double doors on the Upper Level you will see the collection of circulating books,

Robertson Library Upper Level Book Stacks

arranged on the orange shelves according to the Library of Congress Classification System.

Do you want to watch an online tutorial on Call Numbers & How to Find Books in Robertson Library


Books can be signed out for three weeks and can be renewed twice provided that no one else has placed a request for that book. Use the Library Catalogue to locate books that are relevant to your research projects.

By the way, there is a light timer on every second row of shelves on the Upper Level. Simply turn it on, for a maximum of 15 minutes; light timers will shut off automatically.

Additional Dell computers are located in the "D" area of the Book Stacks, on the back wall behind the Emergency Exit.

Robertson Library Computers in Book Stacks "D" Area






The Sun Room on the Upper Level has been designated as a quiet study area. Out of respect for others, please refrain from talking in this room.

Robertson Library Sun Room

The Oversize Collection, located just outside the Sun Room, is comprised mainly of art books. These books are listed in the Library Catalogue, and are available for the regular three-week borrowing period.

If you turn right after passing through the double doors on the Upper Level,

Robertson Library Bound Periodicals Stacks

Bound Periodicals



you will see the Library's collection of bound periodicals arranged on blue shelves alphabetically by title.

Periodicals are for in-library use.


Because the periodicals are arranged in alphabetical order by title, and not by Library of Congress call numbers, you will not be able to find all the periodicals dealing with a particular subject (such as history) together. Be sure to use a periodical index, an abstract journal, an electronic database, or bibliography to identify the periodical you need. 

Are you looking for a workspace where you can study and not be bothered by background noise? Do you want to read your textbook in a quiet area, without the distraction of people talking?

To accommodate the different needs of our patrons, Robertson Library has areas that are zoned for different noise levels:

  • green areas are social and service areas
  • yellow areas are semi-quiet working areas
  • red areas are quiet study areas

Check out the Library floor plans to identify these areas.


Is the area where you are studying too hot or too cold? The Library does not have access to temperature controls within the building. You may have to check out other areas within the Library to find a spot which suits your needs.


Study carrels (approximately 150) and tables are located throughout the Library.

Study Tables





There are also individual study rooms (identified by yellow doors) on the Upper Level. 

Robertson Library Individual Study Rooms

A number of group study rooms (identified by blue doors) are available for group work.

Robertson Library Upper Level Group Study Rooms

Robertson Library Main Level Group Study Rooms

Study rooms are available to UPEI students for a 3-hour time slot and are booked online

Robertson Library Study Rooms



Four group study rooms are equipped with LCD monitors. Most group study rooms are equipped with a computer.




Research Rooms are available for a 3 hour time period. Research rooms are not bookable; sign out the key for these rooms at the Service Desk.

Robertson Library Upper Level Research Rooms

Do you want more information on group and individual study rooms?

Are you looking for a sound dampening space? The Soundproof Booth on the Upper level of the Library

is a specialty room that the library provides for faculty, students and staff who need a space where sound damping is important.  Some examples of appropriate use for the room include recording lectures, audio or video recordings; a space for conducting online interviews; or for other similar purposes where a sound might be an issue.  This room is not intended as a general group study room.

The Soundproof Booth is booked online from the Study Rooms tab on the Library homepage. Click on the Upper- Small Groups tab in the Reservation Calendar. 

The room contains an Apple iMac.

For those wishing to record audio, a USB microphone is available on a 3 hour loan at the Service Desk.

Soundproof Booth

Washrooms are located on both levels of the Library. Public phones are located on the Upper Level and in the Breezeway. 

Robertson Library Main Level Washrooms

Robertson Library Upper Level Washrooms





Relax in the nook at the bottom of the stairs and check out the beautiful exhibit featuring information and images of Mi'kmaq history and culture. Books on indigenous peoples displayed here are available for borrowing.

A courtesy phone is also located here.






Fill your water bottle with chilled, filtered water or have a drink from the water station, located just outside the washrooms on the Main Level.


The Accessibility Services Satellite Testing Centre is located on the Upper Level.

Robertson Library Upper Level Accessibility Services Satellite Testing Centre

Contact the Webster Centre for Teaching and Learning for further information.

An elevator is located directly across from the water station.

Emergency Exits are provided on both Levels of the Library.

Robertson Libary Upper Level Emergency Exits


Check out the Book Nook - an ongoing book sale, just behind the stairwell.







An ATM is also available in the breezeway.

Robertson Library - Lockers

Lost your notes, USB, keys, headphones, textbook, etc.???

Check at the Service Desk – your lost item may be in the Library’s Lost and Found. Lost and Found items are sent to UPEI Security Services on a regular basis.  

Please note that personal belongings shouldn’t be left unattended in the Library.

You can get your caffeine and munchies at Samuel's Cafe, located in the PIT, just off the breezeway opposite the Library. 


Now that you have taken the Virtual Tour of the Robertson Library, would you like to take a guided tour? Guided tours are offered throughout September and January.