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The book I need is checked out

How to tell if a book is already checked out by another student (and what to do)

Once you have found a print book you are interested in in the Library Catalogue, look beneath the title of the book for its status. It will either say 'Available', 'Reshelving', or 'Checked Out'. 

Tip: if you don't see any status (or call number or location) listed, you may have found an ebook instead of a print book. 

If a book is listed as Available: 

  • It should be available to be checked out. You can find it in the Stacks on the upper floor of the Library. See our guide on Finding Books on the Shelf to learn how. 

If a book is listed as Reshelving: 

  • The book was recently returned to the Library and may not be back out on the shelf yet. Check with the the staff at the Service Desk for help to locate the book. 

If a book is listed as Checked Out:

  • The book has been checked out by another student. The date should be listed so you have an idea of when it will be returned. 
  • To add your name to the wait list for that book, you can place a hold on it and you'll be notified when it has been returned and is ready for you to check out (there may be others in front of you on the list). 
  • See the Library's Borrowing, Renewing, & Returning Library Materials page to learn how to place a hold on a book. 
    • Important: you will need your UPEI ID number and you UPEI PIN (listed on your UPEI acceptance letter).