Zeta Instructions

The Zeta is ideal for bound books. For loose pages that can run through a document feeder or multiple little slips (like receipts), choose a Konica MFD instead.

Output options:

  • save to either Email or USB (for OCR/Searchable text, only USB)
  • file formats PDF, TIF, or JPG

Scanning mode options: Direct or Shopping Cart

Direct scan - only to USB, no OCR option, choose scan options at the start

Shopping cart scan - either USB or Email, choose all settings at the end of the scanning


  • Positioning a book:
    • Always center a book so its spine is symmetric across the center of the moveable black metal
    • Make sure the top of the book is below the grey horizontal lines and the bottom is within the black bed
    • Use the moveable bed to make both sides as flat as you can.
    • Use your fingertips to pull the pages flatter if they curve a lot. The green bars on the scanner bed can be used to initiate the scan. You can hold a book open with both hands and still reach a bar without letting go, also keep your fingertips in the white edge of the page.
  • Each page except the last is saved when you do the next, so be sure to hit Save/Add for the last page!
  • Do not block the white strip above the black bed - the scanner uses it to calibrate the room lighting.
  • When using the Manual Rectify red buttons to edit the boundaries, don't move any of them outside of the image, or the software will hang and you'll have to reboot and start over.