VPM 2020 Professional Foundations II

This course builds on Professional Foundations I to engage students in topics that help them understand and develop their professional identity. Core aspects include reflective practice, ethics and moral reasoning, professional values, and leadership. Students will develop communication skills required for effective medical interviews, difficult interactions, and challenging conversations with clients.

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  • Adams, Cindy L.(Cindy Lou),1962-author.
  • Kurtz, Suzanne M.,author.
  • Bayly, Warwick M.,writer of foreword.
  • Mulling, Christoph K. W.,writer of foreword.
  • Suchman, Anthony L.,1954-writer of foreword.
  • Veterinary medicine version of (work):Silverman, Jonathan(Health communicator).Skills for communicating with patients.
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  • RESERVES-DAILY (Available)