Nursing 3050-1 & 2 Health Teaching (Winter 2020)

 In this course, students are introduced to theories and principles of teaching and learning within a primary health care context. The course focuses on the nurse's role as health educator and change agent in promoting healthier lifestyles and enhancing wellness through the use of an empowering approach. Students have an opportunity to apply theory and to develop teaching skills through participation in a variety of community-based teaching activities throughout the semester

List of Reserve Material: 

Week 2

Anderson, I. (2016). Identifying different learning styles to enhance the learning experience. Nursing Standard, (7), 53-63.

Week 3

Poureslami, I., Nimmon, L., Rootman, I., & Fitzgerald, M. J. (2017). Priorities for Action: Recommendations from an international roundtable on health literacy and chronic disease management. Health Promotion International, 32(4), 743–754.

Loan L.A., Parnell T.A., Stichler J.F., Boyle D.K., Allen P., VanFosson C.A., Barton A.J. (2018)  Call for action: Nurses must play a critical role to enhance health literacy. Nursing Outlook, 66(1), 97-100.

Week 4

Linda, R., & Kaysi Eastlick, K. (2010). ‘Health equity through action on the social determinants of health’: taking up the challenge in nursing. Nursing Inquiry, 17(3), 269-280.

Rowlands, G., Shaw, A., Jaswal, S., Smith, S., & Harpham, T. (2017). Health literacy and the social determinants of health: A qualitative model from adult learnersHealth Promotion International32(1), 130–138. 

Week 5

Hauer, J., & Quill, T. (2011). Educational needs assessment, development of learning objectives, and choosing a teaching approach. Journal of Palliative Medicine, 14(4), 503–508.

Week 6

CASN Module 2: Information and Knowledge Management

Week 8

Garrett, T. F. (2015). Misconceptions and goals of classroom management. (Effective Classroom Management - The EssentialsEducation Digest, (5), 45. 

Egeberg, H. M., McConney, A., & Price, A. (2016). Classroom Management and National Professional Standards for Teachers: A Review of the Literature on Theory and PracticeAustralian Journal of Teacher Education41(7), 1–18.

Primeau, M., Seibert, & Frith, K., H. (2014). Teaching patients with an intellectual disabilityHome Healthcare Nurse, 32(4), 249-250.

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