Nursing 2450 Health Assessment Lab (Winter 2019)

Course Instructor: 
List of Reserve Material: 

Week 2

Gottlieb, L.& Feeley, N. (2005). The collaborative partnership approach to care: A delicate balance. (pps. 65-81).

Week 3

Leung, A.M. (2016) Thyroid emergenciesJournal of Infusion Nursing, 39(5), 281-286.  

Week 5

Munro et al., (2000). The Prince Edward Island conceptual model of nursing: A nursing perspective of primary health care. Canadian Journal of Nursing Research. 31, pp.39-55 (focus on pps 46-49). 

Tanner, C. A. (2006). Thinking like a nurse: A research-based model of clinical judgement in nursing. Journal of Nursing Education, 45(6), 204-211.  

Weber, J. & Kelley, J. (2014). Thinking critically to analyze data and make informed nursing judgments. In Health Assessment in Nursing, pp.65-72. Philadelphia, PA: LWW.

Suggested reading: Hannity, J. & Foley, A. (2017). “Facing” cranial nervesNursing Made Incredibly Easy, 15(1), 19-21

Week 9&10

Smith, S. (2016). Using albumin & prealbumin to assess nutritional status, Nursing, 47(4), 65-66.