Nursing 1020 LRC (Winter 2019)

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January 22, 24:

Schroeder, M.J. (2011). Looking to improve your bedside report: Try SBAR. Nursing Made Incredibly Easy, 9(5), 53-54. 

February 26, 28:

RNAO Clinical Best Practice Guidelines. Ostomy Care and Management:

Pp. 31 Table 9-1: Definitions of Common Stomal and Peristomal Complications.

Pp. 81-83 Appendix G: Sample Assessment Form.

Pp. 88 and 90-91 Appendix I: Nutritional Management Tips in Ostomy Care.

Pp. 94-95 Appendix J: Ostomy Teaching Flow Sheets (Fecal Stomas).

Pp. 102 Appendix M: Sample Ostomy Care Form.