Nursing 1010L Learning Resource Centre (LRC) Reserves (Fall 2019)

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Thursday, Sept 12

Chapman, C. & Foley, C. (2018). The C. difficile puzzle: Putting it all together. Nursing, 48(11), 34-40.

Short, P. A., Antonini, T. L., Brennan, J. M., Hobbs, M., & Mauk, T. (2017). FIVE MDROs you need to knowNursing Made Incredibly Easy, 15(1), 44-53. 

Thursday Sept 19 

Myatt, R. (2017). Pulse oximetry: what the nurse needs to knowNursing Standard, (31), 42.

Health Canada (2003). Canadian guidelines for body weight classification in adults. Ottawa, ON: Author. pp. 6-17. Please note:The Canadian Guidelines for Body Weight Classification in Adults has been Archived by the Government of Canada and the link to the technical report no longer exists. The link provided here is not to the Government of Canada's site and may not be available in the future.

Thursday, Oct 3

Ogden, S. (2015). Calculation of Drug Dosages. Chapter 3- Percents. pp. 55-69.

Thursday Oct. 10

Perry, Potter, Ostendorf & Cobbett (2020). Therapeutic use of heat and cold, pp. 1107-1125. In Canadian Clinical Nursing Skills and Techniques, (First Canadian edition). St. Louis, MO: Elsevier.

Thursday, Oct 17

Jordan, R., Thompson, B., & Davis, C. (2015). The facts about fecal microbiota transplantNursing Made Incredibly Easy, 13(2), 52-53.

Thursday, Oct 24

Pagana, Pagana & Pike-MacDonald (2019). Guidelines for proper test preparation and performance. Start at “Routine Practices” pp. 5-12. Microscopic Examinations. pp.733-735. Throat & nose cultures. pp.795-798. Urine studies. pp. 935-940. Urinalysis. pp. 991-1005. Urine culture and sensitivities. pp. 1007-1009. Stool specimens, pp. 883-889.